SR 60 at CSX Railroad Crossing

Tampa, Florida

This CSX Railroad crossing is between N. 28th Street and N. 31st Street on SR 60 (Adamo Drive) in Tampa. The purpose of this project was to adjust the approaches to accommodate the reconstruction of the railroad crossing by CSX. The profile was designed to accommodate raising the tracks 3 inches above the existing east rail elevation. The goal of this design is to improve the safety and ride-ability of the crossing while meeting the new grade of the tracks. By their nature these project types are short in length—in this case 270 feet long—and constrained by the geometry of the railroad and approach roadway. A Resurfacing Restoration and Rehabilitation Safety and Condition Report was prepared.

The project involved coordination with CSX Railroad and the Florida Department of Transportation. Although the maintenance of traffic plan required a Level 1 plan, development of a detour for traffic along SR 60 was necessary for construction. Traffic was detoured along 22nd Street, I-4, and 50th Street. In addition to the traffic control plan, roadway, drainage, and signing and pavement marking plans were prepared.