Hyde Park and Plant Avenues

Hillsborough County, Florida

Hyde Park Avenue and Plant Avenue form a one-way pair that connects Kennedy Boulevard to Bayshore Boulevard near downtown Tampa. Hyde Park Avenue from Kennedy Boulevard to Platt Street is a 2-lane, one-way, southbound urban street with a posted speed of 30 mph and on-street parking providing access to commercial uses. Plant Avenue varies between two and four lanes serving as a one-way, northbound urban street with a 30-mph posted speed limit and on-street parking also providing access to commercial uses. Plant Avenue is a historic brick road from Platt Street to Brorein Street and also provides access to the Selmon Expressway.

ELEMENT prepared design plans for pedestrian and bicycle improvements along Hyde Park Avenue and Plant Avenue for the majority of this one-way pair. The focus of the project was implementation of safety improvements along both corridors. Safety improvements implemented along both roadways included signing and pavement marking modifications to enhance sight-distance at intersections, shared lane markings for bicyclists and implementation of bulb-outs to reduce crossing distances for pedestrians at intersections. The project also included the installation of retroreflective backplates at all signalized intersections within the project limits as well as guide stripes and overhead lane-use signs for the Plant Avenue at Cleveland Street intersection, which includes the westbound Selmon Expressway exit ramp onto Cleveland Street.