Tampa, Florida

Eco-Oaks, located at 3813 N. Nebraska Avenue in Tampa, is a garbage dump that was converted to a sustainable building that houses low income individuals and many veterans. The Department of Housing and the nonprofit group called Tampa Crossroads worked together to utilize $3 million dollars for the construction of the eco-friendly building. Eco Oaks contains 18 units for a variety of low income families and veterans. The property was also paid for by the Stabilization Program in the region. Since 1977, this facility has provided treatment, housing, employment, and support to thousands of men and women in our community.

There are many sustainable energy features in the Eco-Oaks facility. The project was designed to ensure LEED Certification and Green building strategies were used in the site development. The civil site plan included parking lot and sidewalk layout, site grading, and drainage, with a dry retention pond discharging into the City’s stormsewer system. An FDOT driveway connection permit to Nebraska Avenue, a State Road, was required. Water and sewer utility services hookups were designed and permitted. Quantities and cost estimates were prepared throughout the design process. Eco-Oaks was certified Platinum, making it the 2nd multi-family housing project in Florida, first in Hillsborough County, and first in Tampa. Using Green Technology reduces tenant utility bills by over 80{c93c2acb27e7972453c27f04d7dda1a601b5bb46e19116c99fc4300da79c5c08} monthly.