ELEMENT Offers Its Support to Meals on Wheels

As part of ELEMENT’s commitment to the community we live, work and play in, we are proud to have provided pro-bono services for the complete site design and permitting for the new Meals on Wheels facilities. The proposed improvements include demolishing the existing Meals on Wheels structure located on the 550 W. Hillsborough Avenue parcel .5-acre and utilizing it for an offsite parking lot. The .8-acre parcel on the west side of North Blvd. will be developed with the new 8200-square-foot building, associated parking and stormwater management facility.

Meals On Wheels’ volunteers deliver hot, nutritious meals to the doors of more than 800 homebound people in the Tampa community. The quality of the food provides nourishment for the body. The encouraging words from volunteers provides enrichment for the soul. For many of the homebound, a visit from a volunteer is the only human contact they will receive that day. Recipients receive a hot meal and a visit designed to achieve – increased intake of nutritious food, improved personal outlook and health, and decreased feelings of isolation and loneliness. Together, they strengthen the community by caring for a segment of our population who are often forgotten.

If you would like to help support the good they do within the community or learn more, please visit: www.mowtampa.org.